No more trains

Very different human stories, the same destiny: a subway station. Not as a short, noisy interlude between home and work or between family life and friends, but itself home, family, friend and only daily occupation.

Some of these people just kept missing the train of their life, the train that could have taken them to a regular office job or to the joys of a happy family. Some others jumped on many trains but were thrown off each and every one of them, humiliated like ticketless passengers.

8 Comments on “No more trains

  1. Lovely capture. Really says a lot about urban stagnation and social issues. Well done!

  2. Great shot and story. If you are a match for our gallery(some connection to mental health issues, self or other, or feel for the cause) we would welcome a submission from you of this or others. Let me know. D

    • Actually I can’t remember whether there was something distracting just outside the chosen frame, which along with the use of a prime lens prevented me from framing otherwise, or I simply didn’t think too much about composition that day (it was 7 years ago..).

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