The bill

This post, the last one before my trip to Afghanistan, is about being old and alone, about loneliness.

You figure out a story behind this shot.

7 Comments on “The bill

  1. I think that being alone at old age heightens one’s vulnerability towards death. Traditionally in Asia, children are expected to take care of their parents at old age. But, nowadays, there are increased instances (esp. in more developed Asian countries) where children are not as close to their parents in their old age.

  2. ritratto spietato, umano. molto notevole

  3. Ciao, This is great and reflects exactly what you have thought and written, we are all heading down that road (old age) l am glad l live in Italy where the family is still an institution meaning where by all members are made to feel loved and kept close. ­čÖé

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