Streets and roads of Afghanistan

What defines street photography? And what defines a street? Asphalt? Shiny skyscrapers? Street lights? Busy people rushing in or out of a subway?

In this case, doing street photography in Afghanistan (and much of the world) might be hard, as you find none of that.

Whether they qualify as street photography or not, the pictures below are all taken on the streets and roads of Afghanistan.

You may also want to check the color gallery with more images:

Steep lives of the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan

9 Comments on “Streets and roads of Afghanistan

  1. Thank you so much for your well executed photographs and visual representation of the people of our planet. I thirst so much to know them. Your photo’s are expressive and much is revealed, again thank you please keep capturing the images and sharing them. We all of us are people of the world. Your photography brings us a little bit closer to one another.

  2. great documentary. and great street photos. I wait for more like this. I love how the photography is a language understand by people from all over the world. And you speak it so well. Keep it up.

    • Thanks so much. That’s the kind of photography I’m most interested in, documentary, telling stories through images and text, and it makes me happy that viewers appreciate my stories.

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