Back to Russia

I just came back from yet another fantastic journey through a remote region of Russia. Remote because it lies almost 2 days by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in fact it’s pretty much around the corner if you enter it from northern Scandinavia. Yet, the landscapes and especially the cultural landscapes that meet you as you travel the Kola region of Russia are very far away from those of the Scandinavian countries.

For this trip, I chose to use trains, and this series is about exactly that. Outside the dirty windows, in the cold autumn air, endless forests only interrupted by industrial settlements; towns having the extraction of minerals as their only reason of being; low, timber houses with their Siberian mood. Inside, in a overheated train car, many human stories I got the privilege of sharing a few hours of. When language was a problem (my Russian is still rudimentary), concepts as complicated as the social situation in the country could be illustrated by means of countless pieces of paper scattered on the seat, representing the government, the police, the rich business men, the poor people, the mafia.

So this one is about the train. You may also see the first and third part of my trip here: Part II and Part III.

16 Comments on “Back to Russia

  1. This is great, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Beautifull photographs… They bring back a lot of memories !

  3. Inspiring work! The grittiness of these BW pictures convey the reality of your experience very impressively. I am also looking forward to your next selection.

  4. Fantastisk serie Andrea. Reiste du alene?

      • Det å reise alene var mer spennende og småeventyrisk, og det er nettopp det som ga meg muligheten å snakke med så mange lokale folk. Når det gjelder sikkerheten, ingen problem eller fare.

      • Hvordan reiserute hadde du? Du er flink og det ser veldig spennende ut. Finnt og høre at det ikke var farlig og reise alene

      • Takk. Jeg reiste fra Kirkenes til Murmansk med buss, og derfra til Olenegorsk, Apatity og tilbake til Murmansk med tog. Fra Apatity til Kirovsk buss og drosje. Enkelt og greit 🙂

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