Olenegorsk. Gray weather, 10 degrees Celsius. My first thought as I looked through the curtains of my hotel window: “oh gosh, what am I going to do here for two days alone?”.

So I went out with my cameras and a short while later it was time to leave. Funny how time flies sometimes, when you meet people who aren’t afraid to smile to a stranger, who bother to hear his story and are curios as to why an Italian would ever be there, even alone, where they never see a tourist. Time flies when you go out to take street photos that are supposed to be candid, but end up speaking with half the village and then eating dinner with a Russian family (thank you again Olga!).

I admit some temptation to depict this town as other than.. gray, to repay its people’s kindness. But hey, all of this was built in a hurry from 1949 on, and those who did valued more the vast mineral resources of its underground than the pristine beauty of nature. So, no, should you visit Olenegorsk, don’t expect this town to end up on your list of the word’s most beautiful sites. Even the amusement park is rather depressing. However, this place will charm you as it charmed me and you won’t forget it for sure. And, if you take time to speak to its people and value hospitality, generosity and friendliness, you’ll also discover a treasure here.

You may also see the first and third part of my trip here: Part I and Part III.

9 Comments on “Olenegorsk

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate. I hadn’t realized that comments on single photos that are part of a gallery isn’t possible in WordPress (or in this Theme?). I wish I could help you.. You’re welcome to write more here if you like.

  1. Again very impressive work. One wishes that those who acquired political power and financial wealth after the collapse of the USSR would use their power and wealth to improve the lives of these, it seems, forgotten people.

  2. Andrea, sorry, I ” have arrived” here at this time only…
    Well, this job is really stunning, I like your way to do reportage and your so kind manner to approach and portrait the characters you encounter in your traveling.
    Thanks for sharing.

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