Home sweet home: Tromsø

Home is where you heart is, they say. Heart or not, Tromsø is where I spent 7 years of my life and it’s the only place where, 2 years after my departure, every visit feels like coming home.

Tromsø is cold, windy and slippery, a not exactly clean architectural mess surrounded by some of the most stunning nature Norway has to offer.

Tromsø is perhaps not the pearl it could be, yet it’s impossible not to love.

7 Comments on “Home sweet home: Tromsø

    • Thank you so much for appreciating them! I shoot both film and (mostly) digital, like in this case. Even then, I try to process files to get close to film look..

  1. Great set. Absolutely stunning black and white.

  2. tromso… where everything began …
    it takes a little piece of heart also to me! Eleven Years ago….Brrrrr! too much time!
    Great shots (as always)

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