Milan, pinhole

Milan, Italy, 19.12.2013. Modified Sharan pinhole camera & Kodak Tri-X.

6 Comments on “Milan, pinhole

  1. Basta! You are getting too good at this!
    PS. Gian Luigi Scarfiotti and I are going to New Mexico to shoot for a week in March.

  2. Andrea, do you mind if I ask what size pinhole are you using? Are you using a body cap with a hole drilled in it? Your results are inspiring.

    • Ciao Giovanni!

      All the pinhole images you see on my blog pr. today are made with a cheap Sharan pinhole camera made of cardboard. Google it or see on ebay (there are many and go for a few bucks) for specs and in case for purchase. I later modified mine so that it now exposes the sprocket area.

      In addition, I also bought a camera cap with laser-made pinhole for my M6. It’s the cheapest you see on ebay, the one that looks like an original leica cap (sells on ebay for under 10 US$). I still haven’t developed any roll made with this though.

      Go for it, it’s a lot of fun.

  3. that camera is going to be my fave…i’m ending rolls in my other camera, but in reality that’s what i think to go around with.. 🙂

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