My-day, my-day

Oslo. Going to work today, but not feeling like..

4 Comments on “My-day, my-day

  1. Hi Andrea,

    Your images are wonderful. I have your -9829- book. Its the kind of quality I’m striving to achieve with my images.

    Can I ask – are you using the GR’s high contrast B&W setting? The whites always seem to blow when I do. If you are, can I ask how you control them?

    • Hi Chris and thanks for your nice words. You’re right, the rare times I use digital, namely GR, I keep it set on high contrast B&W, shooting directly JPG. In situations with strong lights, I simply expose more for the lights than for the shadows (which are easier to save if they turn out a bit closed). In other words, compose with a exposure reading more influenced by the lights, hold and recompose as desired. The lights turn out ok then. I don’t even bother to use the camera’s exposure compensation (which is an alternative way to go, if you like). Hope it helps.

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