“Omoide” is out

My Polaroid book “Omoide” is out. If you are fascinated by Japan, you will love it. If you love the look and feel of old peel-apart Polaroid photos, you will be enchanted. If you fancy both Japan and Polaroid photography, this book will immediately be among your favorite. Contrasty, gritty and moody. Don’t miss it.

(click on the cover to see preview of the whole book)


7 Comments on ““Omoide” is out

  1. Just stunning, every one a winner, I could not chose a favourite, they all are. Well done you, that is some achievement.

      • Are these strait shots from a modern polaroid camera? or have you had to do something in PS to get the look?

      • These are from a Polaroid using pack film, aka peel-apart type Fujifilm FP-3000b. All images are obtained by scanning the negative that you get when you peel apart the “good” photo (positive) from what most people used to throw away. The rough edges are original from the paper negative, and nothing but contrast is added in post production.

      • ah, interesting and a terrific result., thank you so much for explaining the procedure.

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