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I’m an Italian currently based in Norway.

With few exceptions, my photos are dark and depressing, many say. Even those in color are melancholic, I’ll concede. There are hardly any people in them, in fact less and less people. Why? obviously cause photography isn’t about cameras. It’s about life.

Wonder about something? just write.

Email: allegro.andrea@gmail.com



52 Comments on “About & contact

  1. Ciao Andrea,
    bella fotografia! Mi piace tuo sito molto. Sto cercando un nuovo sistema per mio website. Quando sei contento con word press, da mi una notizia per favore. Anche in inglese.
    Saluti, Dario

    • Hi Dario! Thanks for your nice comment. Your Italian is so good that I’m tempted to answer in Italian. Anyway, just in case.. I’m extremely happy with WordPress. Setting up a blog is so easy that even an IT-dummy like me managed quickly and very satisfactory. You get lots of themes to choose between, to customise the appearence of your blog and you can make a much finer work than I did. All of this for no money. I can only say, give it a try!

      • Felice anno nuovo Andrea.
        Grazie per la tua risposta.
        Io ho provato wordpress.com Γ¨ molto facile. Ti lascio sapere quando sono pronto.
        Una domanda, cosa fai a Oslo? E gli ultimo foto sono molte belle!

      • Grazie, Dario. Io vivo a Trondheim, ma viaggio molto in tutta la Norvegia. Faccio il geologo e mi occupo di frane e valanghe. Sono contento che sei riuscito a creare un blog su wordpress. Quando sei soddisfatto del risultato, ricorda di rendere pubblico il blog, adesso e privato e puoi vederlo solo tu. πŸ™‚

  2. Trondheim, mai stato li…. sarΓ  essere piccolo ma bella cita.
    Grazie or sto provando che messaggio posso distribuire via mio blog.
    I think the blog should be about fotografia and some thoughts. The best is it makes me thinking about what I want to share. Then I am carefully with my choice of images. So perhaps i will pic out my best of the last years and then start some series or so…
    I think it takes me a couple of weeks to find my way.
    If you have time to review and give me your opinion, I will provide you a link.
    After all of course I will go public.

  3. Hi Andrea, the photographs from the polar region are outstanding. Congratulations! Would you mind letting me know what lens you used?

    Manx thanks,

    • Thank you very much Bernhard! More photos from the polar regions will come shortly, especially from Antarctica, so keep following the blog! As for the Svalbard photos, they were all taken with 28 – 50 – 70 mm.

  4. Hi
    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post.
    I think you rwork is great and will keep an eye on your blog!
    Dorinda (lakesideindia)

  5. Andrea, thanks for posting the journal and beautiful photographs. I appreciate seeing areas of the world that, most likely, I will never have the opportunity to see in person. Enjoyed your story and photographs that followed in both part I & II!

    Thanks, Dan

  6. Thank you for checking out my blog πŸ™‚

    Your photography is wonderful. I can tell it is something you are passionate about. I look forward to seeing what it is you share next.


  7. Your photography is so beautiful. If you ever turn to fashion photography, don’t hesitate to contact me! Or if you travel to Sydney anytime soon. πŸ™‚

  8. Your photography is so beautiful. If you ever turn to fashion photography, don’t hesitate to contact me! Or if you travel to Sydney anytime soon.

      • That’s great to hear. Working with you one day would be an honour! Best wishes! x

  9. Pingback: Street Life By Andrea Taurisano | altramar travelling experience

    • Hi Lexie! I saw only now your message. Thank you so much for the nomination. Your blog is full of inspiring stuff and I’m glad and proud to contribute a little bit to that now. Keep it on πŸ™‚

  10. Great pictures! There some feeling in here.. (Og grattis med dagen! πŸ™‚

  11. Glad I found your blog. Your journey in train is amazing…Im gonna be digging in your blog the next week…I came here throught Wouter’s blog… So excited for your gallery.
    Cheers from Peru.

    • Hi Pedro and thanks for your nice words. You’re most welcome as new follower of my blog. I’ll do my best to never disappoint you πŸ™‚

  12. Ciao mitico! spero tu abbia fatto un buon rientro nella tua patria adottiva! E’ stato davvero un piacere per me rivederti e fare due chiacchiere. A presto!

  13. Hi mate, just wondering, what combination of film (i guess its trix400) and negative developer you use? is it D76(id-11). with best regards from the czech republic, lukas

    • Hi Lukas. Yes, it is mostly Tri-X. I am not a darkroom nerd, know few chemicals and therefore stick to the one I have experience with and like: Rodinal 1+50. Now actually Adonal, but same stuff.

  14. Ciao Andrea –

    Just discovered your site thanks to The Inspired Eye. Very inspiring!


    • Hi David and welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it all the way, and will surely do my best to make that happen.

  15. Great photos.. I bought one from you today at the market. Just a question.. how do you get your photos so gritty and grainy. I like the look alot

    • Thanks! That grainy and gritty look is achieved by using pinhole cameras, and 400 Iso film developed in Rodinal with generous shaking (which increases grain). By experimenting a lot, ultimately πŸ˜‰

  16. Ciao! Do you shoot any fashion/editorial? Would love to work with you. I am from Trondheim but live in LA and work as a model/actress there. Happy to send photos via email.

    • Hello Helene. I shoot just about anything as long as it’s for someone who likes my style and approach, particularly the look and tatctile feel of grainy film, mostly shooting in available light, etc.

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