No photography (Karelian church)

Petrozavodsk, Russia, 20th March 2013. Alas, photography is strictly forbidden in most Karelian churches. Well, here is a sin I made just in the eyes (and the house) of God. I just couldn’t help it. I like to believe that the fact no one realized I was photographing them means that all in all I wasn’t much of a disturb…

Karelia I

Rural district north of Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, 19th March 2013.

The window

Murmansk, Russia, 17th March 2013. View from the staircase to my flat.

Pervomayskiy market (sequence I & II)

Murmansk (Russia), 16th March 2013. Temperature -25 C.

Home sweet home: Tromsø

Home is where you heart is, they say. Heart or not, Tromsø is where I spent 7 years of my life and it’s the only place where, 2 years after my departure, every visit feels like coming home. Tromsø is cold, windy and slippery, a not exactly clean architectural mess surrounded by some of the most stunning nature Norway has to offer. Tromsø is…

Jonny, photo model

Oslo center, an evening about one month ago. I notice that a popular retail-clothing company is advertising their Christmas sales by using dummies wearing paper masks. The masks reproduce a man’s face, bearded, with dark sun glasses and a Santa Claus hat. Nothing special in fact, however I take a photo of the scene as a man stops to look at them (probably thinking…

Milano, 17-12-2012

Only three or four days to the end of the world, some say. We’d better record as much of it as possible then. Here are a few shots from the last couple of days shooting in Milan.

City scavenger

This is you, city scavenger, and your fate. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, garbage to garbage. But I don’t laugh of your misery. I laugh of myself, for thinking that my fate is any better than yours.


This is the short story of my encounter with Harald. It would never have happened if it wasn’t for the girl you see in this picture. She didn’t drop a coin by Harald’s feet, but stopped and gave him a few minutes of her time and attention. Only seconds before, I had passed by him giving him nothing but a smile. Seeing this girl…


These are about the city in a rainy autumn evening, where just about everything resonates with your already low mood: All those strangers rushing home and bothering even less about you then they ever would, forced by their umbrellas to keep greater distances than ever from each other and from you. And all those drops..

Oslo, Oslo

This was supposed to be my street photography weekend in Oslo, but the photo mood wasn’t really there. I came home with a dozen pictures taken with a little compact camera, but at least am happy with a few of them. They may be examples of photos saying more about the photographer than the subjects, but here they are anyway.

Another stroll in Venice

A few “street” shots I got the last couple of days in Venice (where there are formally speaking no streets). I wasn’t there to take photos, but had a few hours for myself tried to get something out of them. No awesome postcards, sorry. Having been in Venice over a hundred times I just can’t. You may also want to see these others shot…

Kirovsk – Apatity

Another couple of hours by train and I’m in Apatity, named after the phosphate mineral the hills around the city are rich of. Needless to say, that’s the very reason why a city was founded here, back in 1935.  It’s a bit strange for an Italian to think that all these towns are only 50 – 80 years old (my parent’s house is way…


Olenegorsk. Gray weather, 10 degrees Celsius. My first thought as I looked through the curtains of my hotel window: “oh gosh, what am I going to do here for two days alone?”. So I went out with my cameras and a short while later it was time to leave. Funny how time flies sometimes, when you meet people who aren’t afraid to smile to…

Back to Russia

I just came back from yet another fantastic journey through a remote region of Russia. Remote because it lies almost 2 days by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in fact it’s pretty much around the corner if you enter it from northern Scandinavia. Yet, the landscapes and especially the cultural landscapes that meet you as you travel the Kola region of Russia…

Il corso

“Il corso”, in Italian the main pedestrian street, is where it all happens and where nothing happens. It’s where we take aperitivo or read the newspaper and discuss politics, gesticulating the way only we can. Il corso is where you find la dolce vita. As long as you’re a tourist, that is. A few shots to give you the idea..

What to do with critique

I’ve been active on street photography forums and critique groups lately. Photographers seem to have different opinions on pretty much, but they all seem to agree that we learn from critique. Both from giving and receiving critique. Sometimes critique makes us think about aspects of our photos that we hadn’t thought about, or makes us aware of distracting elements we hadn’t seen or technical…

The guide

Brunico, in the Italian Alps, early afternoon of a summer day. A little but noisy group of tourists walk along the main pedestrian street. Their guide, a man so elegant that he seems jumped out of a movie, captures my attention. He must be a very charming guide, as none of his clients seem bored or distracted and at times he works hard to moderate…

Streets and roads of Afghanistan

What defines street photography? And what defines a street? Asphalt? Shiny skyscrapers? Street lights? Busy people rushing in or out of a subway? In this case, doing street photography in Afghanistan (and much of the world) might be hard, as you find none of that. Whether they qualify as street photography or not, the pictures below are all taken on the streets and roads…

The bill

This post, the last one before my trip to Afghanistan, is about being old and alone, about loneliness. You figure out a story behind this shot.

No more trains

Very different human stories, the same destiny: a subway station. Not as a short, noisy interlude between home and work or between family life and friends, but itself home, family, friend and only daily occupation. Some of these people just kept missing the train of their life, the train that could have taken them to a regular office job or to the joys of…

Invisible border

A couple of centimeters of glass can keep two worlds completely apart. It happens in prisons. It happens in the streets. I took this picture in a busy shopping street of Quartier Latin in Paris, in 2005. On the one side of the window of a fashion store, while their parents do some shopping, two children look at the unaware homeless man sitting just…


I’ve always been searching for new ways to make my life meaningful, to fill it with something worthy. And I’ve always felt little and insignificant comparing myself with those I admire, famous or completely unknown people who really make the difference for others as well as filling their own lives with things worth living for. I believe that having a brain and a normally…


I was taking street photos, when I came across a nursing home that I didn’t even know was there. Just outside it, on a wheel chair, an elegant old lady seems to be enjoying some fresh air as she whaves me hallo. Then she tells me to be careful not to slip on the ice, how nice of her! I stop to exchange a…

Am I a criminal?

Two days ago, once again in Oslo, I got slightly in trouble with a hotel receptionist for taking one of the photos in the series below. She meant I was not allowed to photograph the hotel window from the public street. I protested that even though it was a private property, it’s perfectly visible from the public street and there’s no sign forbidding photography….

A trip to Milan

Milan, Italy, December 2011.

Majorstuen (Oslo)

No more meetings, no more schedules, no more everything. Only my thoughts and my camera, at least for an hour or two.


Just back from a week end in wonderful Copenhagen, here are a few street shots…

Adagio, Allegro, Venezia

What strikes you most when visiting in Venice? Magnificent palaces, timeless atmospheres? No, people, lots of people. Visitors from all over the world crowd Venice at any time of the year, bringing money to some and stress to the rest of the city’s residents. Yet even back in its gold days, “la Serenissima” used to be crowded, the number of its inhabitants at that…