Kirovsk – Apatity

Another couple of hours by train and I’m in Apatity, named after the phosphate mineral the hills around the city are rich of. Needless to say, that’s the very reason why a city was founded here, back in 1935.  It’s a bit strange for an Italian to think that all these towns are only 50 – 80 years old (my parent’s house is way older than that, and it’s no renaissance palace..).

Kirovsk, located only 23 km from Apatity, is only a few years older and was built under the same rush to mineral exploitation as the other towns I visited. However, it’s surrounded by the Khibiny mountains which make this little city a popular ski resort. This gave a little burst to the local economy, which shows, at least in the very center..  They are even opening some trendy disco bars and hotels, in sharp contrast with the soviet blocks and the abandoned industrial areas nearby, but a clear indication of the little renaissance this place may be experiencing. That’s at least my hope and wish to the lovely people of Kirovsk.

Some street photos then. See also Part I and Part II of the trip.

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