Right now

My-day, my-day

Oslo. Going to work today, but not feeling like..


Faceless city

Oslo. Half a million people, but no one to communicate with. What are you all afraid of? Why don’t you show your face? Why is it so that the tighter we people are packed, the greater the distance between us? Nothing else in nature behaves like that. We are a paradox, an exception, a monster.

Well, fine, keep hiding, and reveal your real selves only for your beloved, as long as you have some. Then we’ll see.

I’ll go back to yet another sleepless night in yet another shabby hotel room. The faces on TV aren’t any faker than the ones in the street, anyway.

” ? “

Tokyo, 23rd November 2013.



Street art, Oslo, 30.10.2013

Grenoble 8.10.2013

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