The village that was

Ab-e-Barik, Afghanistan, 2nd May 2014: About an hour after an initial landslide that destroyed some houses and killed a few villagers, a much larger slide buried at least 70 houses and several hundreds of people, many of whom were trying to rescue the victims of the first slide. The total number of casualties is still unknown two weeks after the disaster. The exact number will never be known, simply because this is Afghanistan.

Most of the of the survivals are now evacuated to at least three camps built nearby by NGOs. I visited both the landslide area and the camps, meeting hundreds of people still in shock, families who are trying to get back to a life that will never be the same again, a desperate man who bare handed was burying one of his beloved, hundreds of individual stories..

Sometimes I chose not to photograph, sometimes I was not allowed to, and sometimes I did photograph. Here are a few images that can be shared on a blog.


2 Comments on “The village that was

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  2. Moving, heartbreaking series. Well done being there so, we can have some idea what these poor people have the go though and battle with. Bless those who go and help them and work amongst them in such discomfort.

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